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DSCN4201Our vision is to share the love of Christ with everyone in the South Cobb Area.  We promote and achieve that vision through ceaselessly striving to fulfill our mission of encouraging and facilitating life change through and for Jesus Christ.  If those who attend our church continue to believe that we are the salt and light of the world as Jesus informed us in His Sermon on the Mount, then as we continue to grow and mature spiritually, the lost and hurting in the local community where God has placed us will be impacted by our faith and our actions.

We are a diverse and growing nondenominational Christian church.

24We are Christians only (though we know we are not the only Christians) who use the Bible as our guide in all things.  We have no organizational body to which we answer outside of our local congregation.  As were churches in the New Testament, we are led by a body of Elders.

We have a meaningful worship service every Sunday morning, including praise and worship led by a full band and Bible-based sermons.  We are not political or judgmental but we do challenge our members to be growing in Christ-likeness and bearing fruit for the Kingdom.  We will meet you where you are at but we will not leave you where you are!

The church works to equip members to be the hands and feet of Christ in the South Cobb County area.

22FCCM has developed formal partnerships with the public high school located across the road and the public middle and elementary schools which are also nearby through the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce’s Partner In Education Program.  These relationships are providing significant support to the local schools and producing spiritual fruit for the Kingdom.  The church has over 300 young people on the campus every Wednesday night and, in addition, has a mentoring program for young men in the community.

21You will find that biblical love for God and man is at the heart of all that we do.

We love answering questions, exploring the scriptures and even wrestling with doubts so all those wanting to explore faith and spirituality are welcome in our church.