All of us, like sheep, have strayed away.
We have left God’s paths to follow our.  Isaiah 53:6a

The Bible provides us with a very simple definition of sin.
Sin is when we think thoughts or take actions that are opposed to the way God would have us think and act.

The Bible outlines a few other interesting facts about sin:
1) Sin is the cause of all pain and suffering (physical, emotional and spiritual) in the world.
2) Each person is responsible for their own sins – I can’t blame someone else for my mistakes
3) All sins are caused by a misunderstanding of God’s love or a lack of trust in or rebellion against God’s ways.
a. We want to believe that sins (getting drunk, cussing, inappropriate relationships) show we are independent and we convince ourselves these sins are fun.
b. But humans only sin (drink, smoke, get high, cuss, etc.) when we are not able to handle the challenges of life in a spiritually healthy and emotionally mature way. Sin shows that we are struggling with difficulties in life that we don’t know how to handle. Sins show weakness not strength!
4) Because God knows sin ultimately harms us and never ends up satisfying us, God asks us to repent (He asks us to admit that His ways are best and that our sin is unhealthy and then to try and turn away from